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The Tasmanian Parliament is in the middle of an investigation into how poker machines will be regulated and licensed after 2023.

Taking into account the attitudes and aspirations of the gaming industry in Tasmania, with particular reference to the location, number and type of poker machines in that state.

Pokies in local Tasmanian pubs and clubs fetched over A $ 113 million in 2015-16. That’s more than A $ 280 per adult on average. Not much, one might think. The problem is that the pokies aren’t evenly distributed. As we know from other research, pokons focus on areas of social and economic stress.

If you live near a venue you are at risk of gambling and suffering damage. The more profitable the venue, the more likely it is that it is associated with higher damage. This includes increases in domestic violence.

Any query about the rules of poker machines should have some knowledge of where the venues and machines are located. The question should also be asked whether this distribution is likely to maximize or minimize damage rates.

We examined the distribution of pokies in Tasmania. What our research reveals is quite alarming. The judicial districts in Australia tend to have more places in socio-economically stressed neighborhoods.

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