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Nevertheless, the city center is small and very manageable. The sunset on the wide Cable Beach is absolutely spectacular and the camels that pass in front of the setting sun complete the picture-perfect sunset.

From Broome in the northwest of Western Australia, we say goodbye to the coast and head east. 40 km before Fitzroy Crossing, the road branches off to Tunnel Creek National Park. Unfortunately this road is still closed and we are forced to continue. At Fitzroy Crossing, a 21 km long side street leads to the beautiful Geikie Gorge. The Geikie Gorge can be explored on foot, but it is probably best to enjoy the gorge on a boat trip.

Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek have fuel and grocery stores for basic necessities. Otherwise, both are not the places where we want to spend more time than necessary. The barred houses, the lots of rubbish and the burned-out car wrecks don’t exactly contribute to the beautiful townscape. So we buy what we need and then go straight back on our way.

16 km before Halls Creek, the Tanami Track branches off the Great Northern Highway to the southeast. The Tanami Track offers the possibility to drive directly from Halls Creek to the Red Center in Alice Springs.

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