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Consecutive facial photos: girls with scattered hair and bright lips look at the girls, pimples of girls, pimples are hidden in their necks, neck necklaces in their necks, with their knobs in the neck, the pictures of the photographer is going to a significant place as they were going to the nails of the pictures, nips. The girls overlooking the girls overlooking the statement ‘I’ve seen the best things that can be alive’. The pictures of the boys were also interspersed on girls’ pages. Some of these high school recent students were handsome, most of them were not most, but they were all looked at the machine with eyes without expression. George also examined other photos in the hope of being able to see their Audrey; He looked at the black and white photos of clubs, associations, sports teams and groups. The finger tip was dry and fried from translating the pages. He had a photo of many girls with their own Audrey similarities; In a girl called Mary Stephanopolis, a hair cut in another brunette girl in another brunette girl, the legs in a girl in the yazzme team, but none was his Audrey. 109 ‘Is there any other annuity to look at? He asked, George, standing at the time, the detective chalfaIIT is taking care of a folder in his hand. No. Leave it anymore. I’m concerned about your eyes. George come to the back of the big hand his hand on his left shoulder. In this type of compassion contacts, George, which is not used to the George, found this movement at the same time LIEIN is uneasy and extremely relaxing. So tell me a little bit of the girl you know. SHE WE WE ARE? George realizes how ordinary of flirtations and relationships of AIIDREY while telling his story to the detective. They met the BUPIART. Was boiled out of it. Audrey as well. It was a relationship where university students on the world’s four sides. I have never been the poopy, since I didn’t have the person said, SHE said. It was a little ket on the past, but I was just thinking that he didn’t want to talk to that matter. It is not one thing everyone loves. What did he like to talk about? I would ask the questions about me, the city I live, my parents are filant. We used to talk about movies and books. We used to mention the features of our shared friends. Wouldn’t like Florida. She would say that it was ugly and stiff Wasn’t your city like that wasi7 obviously didn’t think so. The place I come is a small and extremely rich place. I have never thought of that, but Audrey would like me telling me something about me. What else would he be interested in? SHE was very clever SHE. SHE In the political sciences, the main branch had said that he had been taking the side-twig diplomas in British Literature SHE. The intention was then to go to the Faculty of Law SHE. Was their notes good? Would buy each of the course. Detective CHALFANT returning to the desk again, how long do you plan to stay here? asked. In Sweetgum? ‘I stay more than a while. Until they learn what it is. Alright, said Chalfant and George’s hand have arrived. You were staying at the motel, aren’t you? We will communicate. 110

George had the clouds in thin pieces in the blue sky when it goes out. A note was attached to the bottom of the car’s wiper – it was a striped paper that is torn from a notebook.

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