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In many countries, different developments in television are revealed to technology. The beginning of this situation can be mentioned in two reasons. The first is the priority of each country in use in the use of this technology is the purpose of becoming a significant economic input boil in the same time in the dedicated television broadcast. If the t, it is necessary to have the negative effects of the same process to the negative effects of the process. The countries are developing their own publication technologies and the market> market> the market> has been found to be in the market>. One of the main differences in publication technology is the difference in the scanning system that occurs the image. In the United States of America, NTSC is developed in PAL, FRANCA in Germany, which leads to the factor of three changes to the broadcast system. . The NTSC Standard, developed in the United States of America is 525 reselled by a scan of 525. In addition to this standard American Bireleflik States, Canada, Japan, Philippines, South Korea is used. The Standard of Pal Arrangement in Germany is created with a screen scan of 625 sales. In this standard European countries, the base is used as common in the formation of Africa and Asian countries are also used. Turkey PAL spring> The Standard> n> among countries using> ndad> r. The SECAM SEARTARD in France, the standard of the development of this country is used in the countries in France and Russia. BAFLLANCE only the same standard of standard countries to follow the television programs of the standard countries with this division of the standards in time.

D eıracın Eolarak L in development in the development of the popular countries in 2014, in 2014, it is determined to be completely HD publication and developed in developing countries as well as these rewarding compliance. . (Cut, 2010: 83)

Located in the technical dimensions of the Public Anadolu Television Spring> Information Candy University, 2170 Broadcast> “Radio-television Broadcast> Number of Boys. Dr. You can take advantage of the telev

Difficulties and preferences related to television broadcasting and preferences are caused by means of the point. In the early periods of Television Spreadings in Early Reasons, Spreadings in Regions in Regions that do not receive developments in early periods, as a traditional Ernet Sal Broadcast. A system that is developed to ensure a system of today is the assignment of today’s most effective publications of the AK MUFL.

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