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In addition to enjoying the sea and the sun, the city, as well as enjoying the sea and the sun finds the chance to discover the underwater wealth of the Mediterranean.

Mersin- Sezgin Beet – domestic and foreign tourists, suitable for holiday opportunities and ruins of the eastern Mediterranean, “pearl” Mersin, underwater richness and 321 kilometers of coast

Hundreds of diving enthusiasts every day in his lane. Divide and Susanoğlu neighborhoods of Silifke and Susanoğlu neighborhoods, clean and opinion distance of sea water thanks to diving in the city

comes at the beginning of their centers. Mersin Diving Center Sport Club President Mehmet Ersan, AA Reporter, the AA Reporter, the interest of the city’s coast, has increased the interest of diving passions in recent years, to continue this interest, the dive programs are organized to continue. Ersan said that there is no requirement of being professional for diving, “even the person who has never dive in your life can see the depths of the sea with half-hour training.” Ersan, specifying that diving education is not as expensive as it is as expensive, “Underwater life is very different, an environment we want everyone to see. People have the chance to closely watch underwater creatures and are amazingly happy. spoke. In Susanoğlu coast, the love that participating in the diving event is also coming to dive to Mersin, “the water world is a great thing. Here is a good one of the different kind of experiencing here. I have used it to everyone, especially to women, especially women. (AA)

Aksaray – Özkan Beyer – Cappadocia’s pearl of the Ihlara Valley is the flock of domestic and foreign tourists with the gazebo on the Melidiz Stream flowing from the center. The Ihlara Valley of the world’s largest canyons welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with the church and monasteries that they keep the first Christians in the slopes. In the midst of the steppe, the nature and history enthusiasts of the valley where the Melendiz River in the valley of the valley of the valley is the opportunity to trekking on the trekking roads on the trekking roads at 35 and 7 kilometers next to the tire. Starting from Ihlara resort and flowing 14 kilometers in the valley, the Melidiz Straw, from there, from there, it provides a gorgeous beauty to the valley. Tourists are taking a break in During their walks during their walks, tasted on the gazeic flavors in the gazebo on the gazebo, while sipping their teas, driving his feet in cool waters and taking the fatigue of the day. Aksaray Culture and Tourism Deputy Deputy Mustafa Dogan,

In his disclosure to AA reporter, Ihlara Valley said that there is a historic venue with its natural beauties. In the previous years, we have visited churches in the previous years, but the born to Ihlara for many different activities recently, “We organized the walkways in the valley in the valley. Our visitors to Ihlara in the valleys were interior in 16.5 and 7 kilometers of stage They are able to walk inward “. Ihlara’s recent nature enthusiasts and

The born that expressed that the photographers are in a relity, “Ihlara draws attention to the lush nature in Cappadocia.

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