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The good card in his hand, while driving the chips on the table, the hand did not shiver. The opposite if it is the bluff or pretended to be unstable. So now the most master poker players have a new lesson to work even.

“Poker skill job or chance work?” The question will be searched for a longer time. The main answer is always fixed with experience. Poker masters to the enthusiasts “play, don’t overthrow, don’t break down your hearth” says.

Poker masters are the most important rule in the most: If it is not to participate in what is important, each hand is not played. Must learn to pass rust. Slimmer should stop and breathe. Good players look around and follow people, reactions. Works to the cards. Playing more doesn’t mean to win more. Are usually more lost. If the person who played of course did not make his internship at the desk of the champions. Or if you are not champion in person …

The first thing to do when drunk is to call the ex-lover. The latter is to play poker too. Remember the movie of the casino that you even have forgotten everything. The vault always wins the player when the player is drunk. Even two glasses are enough to loose and increase their bets. Our word is, of course, we are among friends, are not in the friendly sodas “.

It may not be between the player’s drink but this means it doesn’t mean that you can sit on the table in any case. Professional players have a little compelling and boring rules on this subject. “When don’t poker play?” Another response they give to the question are: While the annoyance has made the ceiling … It cannot solve these legislies at the desk, which is not able to make a life on the head, which has left his lover. Solves in the head. If the course is the cinema, sports arrow; serious mistake if collapse on the tables.

TURKISH: The child of the child is a shame. Champions say, to affect someone, it is not the man from raising bets because it believes that he or she will not be able to gain a sheer. At the poker desk, too, in life …

The card counters are hard in Hollywood movies. At the end of the end, they are handled the collar, he is held out of the Casino by holding the collar (plus a tramp). Their names are written to not be deleted again to the blacklist. Reading the card is a little different: what is happening at the table, what is out so far, what can be in the middle; Hallice from playing okey in the cottage … but it is half of the work according to professionals.

The other half of the human being. There is a Tiki, when the eyebrow is when the eye is cruising, when it is stretched … The common blood of the champions is that the most poker’s facing player’s movements are even longer examined.

The most functional word from the poker to our language: Bluff. The area of ​​use is unlimited. According to the business of the business, it is gained a bluff with bluffy, the second, the third, maybe, but it is not possible to get up by winning the table. It’s going to be the free of charge, let’s write it anyway: in life …

One more lesson from knows: he loses if he stays in the game, he drove money to the table. It is hard to accept maybe but the money driven is no longer the table of the table. So she has not been lying in the films, so we saw the very man destroyed the quarry …

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