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Orchestra stands up and “God bless the queen” when everyone was so tired everyone had a public desire to follow them.

Our breakfast in April 2 April and Talipazari was very nice and were presented nice. Servants were familiar with French or Italian. Mr. Moore and the Sultanian Seyis were between the guests. The dinner of the sultan’s prince and princess was extremely perfect as thought, pleasure and richness, it was unconnected beauty.

The continent of honor were at the beginning of the mandate cars, passenger horses, boaters and a large serious group. Every night, the orchestra of 84 admirable musicians trained by Italian teachers were fascinated for everyone for dinner. Orchestra Chief Senyor Guatelli Pasha, and the ranks in the Orchestra were at least twenty musician officers until the Lieutenant.

The table was covered with gold and silver plates. Every morning the sultan was sending trays filled with the most rare flowers and fruits. White collar and chef with green and gold uniformed governors were waiting in gates. Black uniformed barves were also amber-mouthed in the amber-mouthed, which were still waiting to bring hieraries with carving places to seat the tiny coffee cups processed with jewels.

It could not be found better kitchens and their wines were very nice. Anyone about the palace could speak English or French. In the palace, the Turkish baths were prepared immediately when asked. The guardial commission officers, officials, cavalies, graves were shown in the bright salon and aisles with the golden secret and al clothes. Human character has difficulty being under this possibility shown to him.

When all the walls are filled with guards, all the walls were filled with guards, which were filled with guards. The docks were waiting for specters alesta and they were running in the slightest movement, your slightest desire was considered orders.

Apparently the Spadişah recalls how it was met at London visit and showed it. All officials of the sultan were trying to make them feel the prince’s benefit of how they are welcomed by the sultan and how they were friendly in the bad times of England. “

Amadeo Preziosi, “kayak in front of the girl tower”, 1866, 26×35 cm, mixed technique on paper, vital Gürel collection

Amadeo Preziosi, “Women on the throat” 1873, 29.2×46.3 cm, watercolor and mixed technical private collection on paper.

Prince and Princess are invited to the Naum Theater to monitor the opera exhibited by the Padişah in the period of two separate evenings in Istanbul. The sultan is also included in the theater.

In the morning of April 3, prince and the maise is the road in the Sarayburnu in the Sarayburnu with three reigns of the Sarayburnar and hospitates the historical places in the Sultanahmet with the Topkapi Palace. The State Ball given in the British Embassy is extremely glorious. The Prince and Princess are covered by the Ambassador and his wife when the prince and princess arrived as six hundred invitations sent. Ariadne crew in the courtyard inside the garden door is ready.

William Howard Russell has recorded that evening as follows: “There was the continent of honor of the royal marine in the courtyard covered with flags. Since the Crimean War PERA was eca echoed with the footsteps of British infantry. The corridors, stairs and halls were equipped with flowers and foreign plants. The sultan arrived late, were a crowded ministers and officers group behind. The prince and princess in the courtyard of the British Embassy were greeted by Protocol and Ambassador. Wales princess and Mrs. Elliot welcomed himself at the first flat. “

Sultan Abdülmecid comes to the invitation with the palace. With the Prince and Princess, all the invaults are flocked to that side to watch the sultan be found in a ball for the first time on the platform. The first dance is a Kalkan Prince and Princess, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, General and Mrs. Ignatieff, M. Bourre et al. Sultan Abdülmecid is a little bit of the invitation after midnight. The royal group continues to have fun until the day is beamed.

Princess Christina on April 8 goes to Grand Bazaar with Mrs. Gray and Embassy District Sandeson’s guidance. He then visits the extremely colorful studio of Abdullah Biraders Photo Studio in Captain Ellis in Pera and the British Painter Maltal Amadeo Preziosi on the Hamalbaşı Street.

Sultan Abdülmecid guests have a sumptuous ceremony in honor, and gathers them on two sides of the throat on the two sides of the throat with the flags of the throat with the flags with the balls. The royal delegation, the British and other European strangers filling the sea, the kayaks, which are adorned with levants and curious hundreds, are the land in the gentlemen in the Geylerbeyi. Get the royal delegation with reign cars on turn after resting for a while

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